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Need assessment of Ewai Health Centre

WVED team on the 11th /03/2017 had a meeting with Mr. Souna Anicet, chief medical officer for Enwen Health Centre, who during our discussion made mention of the fact that he receives at least 60 patients a month and the Ewai health centre faces a lot of challenges as it is under equipped for patients within that community. The centre has got one auxiliary nurse, no laboratory technician, there is no permanent doctor and so most complicated cases are send to Batibo centre hospital. He said Dr. Nkwende has been working with nahow in the consultation of old people. The major needs of this centre as stated by Dr. Nkwende and the chief medical officer Mr. Souna are as follows:


Sn. Items Quantity 1. Beds for patients 20 2. Forceps 3. Complete Delivery Kids 4. Minor Surgical Kids 5. Drip Stand 6. Chairs 7. Scales for Weight measurement 03 8. Laboratory Technician 01 9. BP machines 02 10. Delivery beds 07 11. Beds for examination of patients 02 12. Generator 01 13. Renovation of structure (floors, toilets etc) 14. Trained Nurse 01 15. Babies Cord 07 16. Sterilizer 17. Light Microscopes 02 18. Bore hole for water 01 19. Renovation of pit latrine

According to the Chief medical officer Mr. Souna and Dr. Nkwende, equipping this centre will help rescue a lot of lives.


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